Water Nymph (Naiad) – Goddess Bracelet Collection


Water Nymphs, or Naiads, may seem shy, but are quite playful and fun creatures, they tend to be mischievous, but are kind at heart.

Naiad’s strengths include a strong sense of community, they are united, and there is never a boring day because they will find something to make it exciting. Their weaknesses may be that they form opinions of people first thing, and stick with that opinion forever, even if it is totally wrong.


This listing is only for the blue bracelet. The green one is Tree Nymph. If you would like both, there is an option for that


The Minor Goddesses are:

Iris, rainbow messenger of the gods

Selene, Goddess of the moon

Eos, Goddess of the dawn

Nymphs, There are two types of nymphs- Dryads (tree nymphs) and Naiads (water nymphs)

The three Graces, Aphrodite’s attendants, they are Grace, Charm, and Beauty


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