Tree Nymph – Goddess Bracelet Collection


Tree/Forest Nymphs, or Dryads are much more social than their sisters, the Naiads. They too are playful. They are deeply connected with nature and were Artemis’s attendants.

Dryad’s strengths include their ability to adapt, and always fit in. They change with the seasons and are in tune with nature. Their weakness is their temper.

NOTE – This listing is only for the green bracelet. The blue is the naiad one.


The Minor Goddesses are:

Iris, rainbow messenger of the gods

Selene, Goddess of the moon

Eos, Goddess of the dawn

Nymphs, There are two types of nymphs- Dryads (tree nymphs) and Naiads (water nymphs)

The three Graces, Aphrodite’s attendants, they are Grace, Charm, and Beauty


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