Iris – Goddess bracelet Collection


Iris was the fleet messenger of the gods who traveled by rainbow. She was the only entity who could, in fact, travel by rainbow. All other gods had to travel by clouds. When you see a rainbow, Iris is near.

Her strengths include being cheerful, fun,  energetic, and loyal to friends and family, her weakness is that she has her role set young, and if something changes, she may have an identity crisis.


The Minor Goddesses are:

Iris, rainbow messenger of the gods

Selene, Goddess of the moon

Eos, Goddess of the dawn

Nymphs, There are two types of nymphs- Dryads (tree nymphs) and Naiads (water nymphs)

The three Graces, Aphrodite’s attendants, they are Grace, Charm, and Beauty


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