Eos – Goddess bracelet Collection


Eos, the dawn, is another easygoing goddess, with a little more spunk than her sister, Selene. She also is truly romantic because she was cursed by Aphrodite to fall in love with every man she sees.

Her strengths include hopefulness, for even if a day is bad, there is a new one coming and she is passionate about interests and will fight for them, and her weakness can be falling for every man she meets (Thanks Aphrodite).


The Minor Goddesses are:

Iris, rainbow messenger of the gods

Selene, Goddess of the moon

Eos, Goddess of the dawn

Nymphs, There are two types of nymphs- Dryads (tree nymphs) and Naiads (water nymphs)

The three Graces, Aphrodite’s attendants, they are Grace, Charm, and Beauty


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