Demeter and Kora Make up looks

Demeter and Persephone or Kora, as she is known as a young girl.

A closer look at the beautiful Demeter look.

Demeter is goddess of the harvest so I used autumn/warm colors on my lovely model. Orange and gold eyeshadows, a yellow highlighter, and warm pink lipstick.

Kora/Persephone make up look. Here I used more spring colors, like pastel purple, orange, and pink for the eyeshadow, and a pink blush.

Thank you for tuning into my make up artistry <3

So you want to do your own makeup… My style

Ok, let me start with this- I am not telling you how to do makeup, merely suggesting a few tips (as a makeup artist 😉 Your style fits you, my style fits me, so do your makeup however you like. Makeup is sometimes… Intimidating.

Well, you see the picture. This strikes up the question- How do you put on makeup without looking like a toddler? The following are just some steps you can take *Honestly, wear makeup how you like- please yourself, not others.

If you have dark circles under your eyes and want to cover it up, use concealer or under-eye concealer, or the like. If you put it in the shape of a triangle, then blend it into your skin

If you apply in triangle shape, it works better. you may feel like a toddler. It’s ok

Ok next I use bb cream, some use cc cream, some use foundation. Whatever you like! PS I intentionally blocked the brand name to avoid trouble, sigh, who knows…

Whatever base you use 😉

YAY! Now it is time for bronzer. For the best results, you should apply it before blush.

I personally don’t like bronzer too dark and apply it lighter. Whatever suits you! <3

Next, I do BLUSH! Apply your favorite shade on your cheekbones. I have heard people use circle motions, but I just sweep across.


Hmm, I forget what I did next. Give me a minute… Oh yeah! Eyeshadow- I change how I do eyeshadow all the time, but currently, I apply a very light shade under my browbone, next, a dark shade in the crease, and then add a light shade on the lid. So shame on me because I forgot to take pictures…

Moving on- I did eyeliner, you can skip for a nude look, or do a heavy wing. I like eyeliner on some days and none on others, so I get it both ways 😀 Here I did a thin line.

Hehe (insert nervous laughter). Once again I forgot to take a picture, but its mascara time! Do your thing!!!

The finished look!

With that, you have completed the awesome look I created! Go and shine throughout your day. PS go be the powerful person you are!

Thank you for reading! You’re awesome!

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