About Nola

Hi there! I’m Nola, owner of Catwalk Gems. I am a young entrepreneur with the goal to empower women across the world so they can feel like the powerful goddesses they are.

Here’s my story-
I’ve loved gemstones since I was very little, and when I was around 9 years old, I learned how to make jewelry, and that was the start of catwalk gems. I avidly learned the properties of gemstones so that I could offer specific bracelets to heal people. I continued like this for about four years. About three years ago, I was completely invisible in my own life. I’d speak with my friends, and be completely ignored, I was miserable, and lacking any sort of confidence. Then I learned about the greek goddess archetypes, and how I was a goddess, then I began to own my life again. I started integrating the idea of goddess archetypes into my jewelry, and now strive to help women find their passion for life.