Goddess Bracelets

The new bracelet collection, inspired by the seven main Greek Goddess’s.


Here’s a link to my quiz so you can find out your goddess!




Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon, does not need to depend on anyone but herself! She is strong and capable of anything.

Her strengths include- determination and taking action, as soon as she puts her mind to something, she WILL finish it. She is self-reliant and this bracelet can help make you feel powerful, especially if you are a little timid, Artemis is also very good at staying connected with nature. This bracelet will help you achieve all those strengths.


Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, is very confident and trusting in herself! Her strengths are her self confidence and self-love, she is also very expressive of her feelings, these qualities are brought out by the bracelet. Aphrodite’s weaknesses are balanced out.


Hera, the queen Goddess, is regal and dedicated to everything important to her.

Her strengths include- Confidence, and committing to everything important in her life. She loves herself and isn’t afraid to show her inner power! This bracelet brings it out in you. 


Athena, the goddess of wisdom (and war), has a cool head, is strong, and always strategies.

Her strengths include being a level headed planner, who is very organized. She can fight her battles and stay calm. The bracelet emphasizes these qualities. 



Demeter, goddess of the harvest, is naturally very nurturing and helping. She is very maternal and deeply connected to nature!

Her strengths include- Her patience and care of others,  how grounded she is, and also how connected to nature she is.


Persephone, queen of the underworld, is very flexible, and changes of plans do not upset her. She can understand and accept if she doesn’t understand something, and isn’t locked into expectations of others. She is receptive to everything and can be very healing in the middle of a creative famine.

A great source (not sponsored) is Goddesses in everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen.