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Do you feel invisible in your life, or feel pressured to be someone else? Harness your inner goddess with bracelets that make you feel powerful in your life.
Using handmade jewelry you can boost your confidence, passion, and joy!
If you just want to live your life, rather than sitting on the sidelines, go check out the goddess bracelets that will make your life radiant.

Each goddess bracelet is made with specific gemstones that bring out the strengths of each goddess archetype and balances the weaknesses. Go take the goddess quiz to see what your archetype is, and browse bracelets here

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About Nola

Hi there! I’m Nola, owner of Catwalk Gems. I am a young entrepreneur with the goal to empower women across the world so they can feel like the powerful goddesses they are.

Here’s my story-
I’ve loved gemstones since I was very little, and when I was around 9 years old, I learned how to make jewelry, and that was the start of catwalk gems. I avidly learned the properties of gemstones so that I could offer specific bracelets to heal people. I continued like this for about four years. About three years ago, I was completely invisible in my own life. I’d speak with my friends, and be completely ignored, I was miserable, and lacking any sort of confidence. Then I learned about the greek goddess archetypes, and how I was a goddess, then I began to own my life again. I started integrating the idea of goddess archetypes into my jewelry, and now strive to help women find their passion for life.


Purchase your goddess bracelet from my shop! Not sure which one you are? Read below or take the quiz (link below).

Are you quiet, introverted, and don’t speak up for yourself or get attention? Then you may be a Hestia Archetype

Are you intimidating to others, and want to be more approachable? Then you may be an Athena Archetype

Are you constantly getting carried away, and need to ground yourself? Then you may be an Aphrodite Archetype

Are you a perfectionist who wants control but needs to relax? Then you may be a Hera Archetype

Are you a victim of your own life, because you think that nothing is your fault, and need to take responsibility? Then you may be a Persephone Archetype

Are you constantly depleted because you care for others before yourself? Then you may be a Demeter Archetype

Are you struggling because your contempt for vulnerability? Then you may be an Artemis Archetype

Take the Goddess quiz https://forms.gle/CNFQpdp8A1PjS2FBA To find out!

Shop here to find a bracelet to bring out your strengths or to bring out another goddess trait you’d like more of

Persephone Bracelet



Contact me by email at catwalkgems@gmail.com

Instagram- @catwalkbynola

Facebook page- Catwalkgems